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Welcome to MediumPath's documentation page, an account is required in order to use any of our tools.

Creating an app

An application is required to use any of our tools. Once you have created an app you will have an API KEY and a SECRET KEY (But before it you will have to wait until your site or app get approved), after that you will need to integrate our offerwall to your app.

You can create an app with following these steps

1. Login to your MediumPath Account

2. In Menu, click I'm a Publisher >> Submit new app

3. Complete the form field and click 'Submit'.

A. Your app/website type = App/website type.
B. App/website name = App/website name (This is only visible through your account page).
C. App/website URL = App/website URL (Optional).
D. Percentage of your users earning = Percentage of your user offerwall earning, if it's set as 0.3 (30%) you will get 70% as profit because your offerwall users is only getting 30% of the earning while you get 100%.
E. App/website postback URL = App/website postback url (Optional).
F. App/website Description = App/website description, using good words will increase the possibility of being approved.

4. You can check your app/website status inside 'My apps' page by clicking I'm a Publisher >> My apps in the Menu

P.S. The API key, Secret key will not show until the app status be Approved

Offerwall addons

Download EvolutionScript v5.2 Addon here and fEvolutionScript v5.3 Addon here

Offerwall API

Postback Notifications

Whenever a user completes an offer, we will make a call to the Postback URL that you indicated in your app attaching all the information that you will need to credit your users.

Postback Parameters

user_id This is the your website's user id.
transId Unique identification code of the transaction made by your user on Mediumpath.
reward The amount of your virtual currency to be credited to your user.
currency The offer payout in your currency.
signature MD5 hash that can be used to verify that the call has been made from our servers.
status Determines whether to add or subtract the amount of the reward. "SUCCESS" is when the virtual currency should be added to the user and "ERROR" when it should be subtracted. This may be because the advertiser has canceled the user's transaction, either because he/she committed fraud or because it has been a mistake entering the data needed to complete the campaign.
userIp The user's IP address who completed the action.
campaign_id Id of the completed offer.
country Country (ISO2 form) from the lead comes.

Postback File Example

Iframe Example

Replace [USER_ID] by the unique identifier code of the user in your site who is viewing the wall, and Replace [YOUR_SITE_API_KEY] with your API Key that you got when your site got approved.

You can freely change the width and height just as your need

Offerwall SDKs


Coming soon